In the quest or recording and preserving the secret histories of the worlds both seen and unknown, Chroniclers learn to pick up skills quickly and train extensively in order to stay alive stay alive.

The Recordium Headquarters supplies multiple courses in everything from languages and anthropology to such social customs as axe throwing or bomb disablement.

_We recommend that all agents prepare as much as possible in their free time, and make full use of the facilities here to ensure their own success and survival. _

Skills are various branches of knowledge or skill sets that you can use to create your unique character

hacking, driving, cooking, weapon mastery, etc

Most of the time skills contribute to actions outside of combat, but players are welcome to create scenarios or situations where they can use their various attributes in and out of combat

Other skills are related to the base stats, or are suited to helping the player in combat situations

double attack, quick step, weapon concealment etc.

List of Skills


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