Standard tool of trade for Chroniclers


Put agents out there to track back data, and they inevitably come back to ask you one thing. How? Naturally everyone had different ideas (visual, text, sense, stolen) you name it. Eventually though they fashioned up the piece you see before you. About the size of a watch with a rather large face is the Recorder (original we know).

It used to hold several things, and was remarkably bigger, housing pens paper and a camera, with some other attachments. Thanks to time (and numerous complaints) the Recorder now scans and records every and any kind of data imaginable depending on the Chroniclers discretion.

Part of their training and the mark of a good Chronicler is their log of records which they turn in at the end of every mission. Depending on the unique or different information brought back they are rewarded or punished for wasting librarians invaluable time. Trainees start off with a low capacity (so as to avoid “look a rock!” syndrome) and as they prove their maturity and worth are given higher capacity and more developed Recorders.

Rumors have it that there are various attachments and upgrades to provide enhancements to this standard piece, but those remain just that. For many agents it also serves as a black box, recording their will and last moments for recovery and analysis. It is an indispensable part of an agents trade.


In truth there is probably no one person we could credit with the development and creation of the Recorder.

Several noteworthy agents had various ways of preserving knowledge for the Recordium and undoubtedy they all helped shape the product that we know today. Technology of course also plays a part.

Know that this tool is being constantly re-tuned and prototypes are being issued every day as a team of dedicated scientists continue to tinker and develop the next advance in what is surely the most trusted and reliable tool for chroniclers everywhere.


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